Hide & Seek Safari Jr. – Dog

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Hide & Seek Safari Jr. – Dog

Hide & Seek Safari Jr. – Dog
Play Hide and Seek With Your Animal Friends! Your seeker wand tracks the Hide & Seek Junior animal with a signal that only they can hear. When the animal hears it, they will answer you back! So listen for their sounds and hunt around to be the first to find where the animal is hiding! Wands work with all similar edition H&SS Junior animals. Instructions: Switch the animal on and hide it. Can be hidden indoors or out. Player switches on wand and presses button. Animal will briefly call out. Seek out the animal by listening for its¹ calls. One player can also control the wand while other players seek for the animal. Multiple animals can be hidden. Those in range of Seeker will call out when wand button is pushed. Perfect for ages 2 to 5 because toddlers who might not be able to follow the lights of the original version can easily handle the sounds of this junior version High-end plush makes it a perfect companion for children Wand works with all Junior animals Ages 2 and up. Made in China This is a Special Order item shipped directly from the manufacturer and may take up to 10 days for delivery. This product is available online only.

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